Classes and healings


awaken your healers light

Saturday, April 4 - 1-3 p.m. Suggested donation $10
Awaken Your Healer's Light (introduction workshop) - relax and tune into your natural healing energy, using easy to learn and simple to do techniques to cultivate the flow of energy and wellness (qi gong, breathe, visualization, and more). No experience necessary; all levels of experience welcome. Please call to register for workshop 

609-450-1926 or 609-510-5633

Intuitive word journaling

March 20th Friday 6-8pm $5 suggested donation

 Intuitive journaling,  we can invite deeper self-reflection and self-expression into our daily existence by journaling.

Journaling creates an open-hearted space of discovery, by letting things be as they are not changing, not critiquing, but simply observing and noting our thoughts, feelings, and sensations as they arise. If we look at a situation long enough,with intuitive journaling we might be able to shift our perspective on it.

Everyone has a surface life, in which we’re constantly reacting to the moments as they come. We don’t have to do much to stay connected to the surface, as it is in constant motion. But a relationship to our inner world requires us to stop and listen.

Journaling provides a complementary practice: When we put thoughts to paper we are able to clear our mind and gain perspective on any given situation. Journaling gives our internal landscape a voice. It’s a chance to document our process, to reflect upon and release our longings and questions. 

Join me for an evening of Intuitive Journaling and see a new perspective on you. Please call to register for workshop

 609-450-1926 or 609-510-5633

Intro to crystals

Saturday, April 18 - 1-3 p.m. suggested donation $10
Introduction to Crystals - selecting crystals, caring and cleaning crystals, various uses for crystals (i.e. creating serenity and positive energy in the home), crystal grids, and more. Please call to register for workshop 

609-450-1926 or 609-510-5633

Intro to tarot

Saturday, April 25 - 1-3 p.m. suggested donation $10
Introduction to Tarot - Curious about tarot? Come get answers to all your questions - selecting a deck, how to care for a deck, how to choose a reader, how to learn to read for yourself, various uses for tarot, and more. No experience required. Tarot decks will be available in class for practice, or you can bring your own. Please call to register for workshop 

609-450-1926 or 609-510-5633

Reiki and regression healing

More info soon

Red Tent healing

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Support groups

We will offer support groups for all veterans, LGBTQ, women's issues and rights and general support of all.

Naturopathic Counseling

More info soon

Massage and healing

More info soon

Hypnosis Sessions for healing

More info soon

Drumming for healing

more info soon.

other workshops

Yoga, crystal skulls, Tibetan Monks, sound healing, tarot readings, medium readings, life coaching and more offered. We will have special classes offered with unique facilitators each month. Anything you are looking to experience or learn please let us know. All proceeds go to our local community homeless and low income families.